David Todd
It’s not commonly understood, but even the digital systems that show the use of AC power supplies in their manuals actually run on DC internally… and what you may also not know is that while AC power supplies may be lower cost, they also give ZERO protection from inevitable voltage surges and level changes, increasing the possibility of system damage!

So – using AC power makes no sense in reality – especially as all involved in digital electronics agree that the quality of power supply you choose will, more than any other factor, dictate the eventual performance of your model railway, because digital electronics in particular require smooth, well filtered DC! Without it, interference added to the digital commands can at best cause problems with communication and may, in the extreme, actually damage your precious decoders and other items.
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Absolutely. Good power supply choices make a big difference to eventual layout performance. We have lost count of the number of problems caused by old power and inadequate devices rescued from the loft and put to use on the layout. 

regards, AHJAY
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