Brompton Docks
hello all,
I bought Alpha Power, Box and and Central quite some time ago.
During lockdown my layout has started to move forward.
I have 6 x surface mounted point motors and will probably have up to 24 x IP Digital point motors. Could you help me with any advice on what I may also need to start my project from an electrical/wiring point of view.  To the right of the drawing are 2 x reversing loops. An inner and outer. IMG_3266.jpg 
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Out of gauge
I'm using to alpha panels so my Nce controller can be plugged into that on the front /rear of the layout instead of the booster box it's also allowing me a second controller at the other end -so we can have several locos moving and all under control as I can only control 2 realistically-without sone getting into trouble !! Have you sorted cable for your bus ? And wires for interconnects on your IP point motors ??

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