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THE Christmas Model Railway ShowManchester 7th & 8th December 2019!  

Is by no means the biggest in the exhibition calendar, but we believe it is one of the best.  Its unique city centre location means that access from all over the country is easy and also makes us environmentally friendly, since about 75% of our visitors use public transport.  This quality and ease of access has been recognised by UKRailtours Ltd who this year are running a special charter train from London Kings Cross which features us as one of the must-see attractions that Manchester has to offer. So, if you live in London, Potters Bar, Stevenage or Peterborough and fancy a very special day out, go to

But whether you are travelling a long distance or are more local, you can be sure of an exhibition which showcases a wide selection of top quality model railways, together with traders and other activities for all the family.  As always, the children will have the chance to enter our Free Treasure Hunt Quiz with a chance to win a complete train set to take away with them.  In response to feedback from our visitors, the traders will be offering a range of transport themed Christmas gifts as well as railway items and modelling supplies.
You don’t have to take my word for it.  Have a look at the article recently published on the Manchester Evening News website, which includes video footage of some of the layouts attending this year:

Full details about all aspects of the exhibition are on our website where you can buy advance tickets.  It’s worth buying in advance, since not only are they a bit cheaper, but the doors open earlier and there’s a dedicated entrance point which means the queueing to get in is very much reduced.

Adult admission is £10 on the door or £8.50 in advance (no booking fee) and all children are FREE.  A complimentary exhibition guide is included in the price.

Philip Sweet
Exhibition Coordinator, Manchester Model Railway Society

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John Edge Allegheny1600



Axmouth 00                                  Devon, 1930s
Cheadle Ridge Lane MPD 00       Stockport, 2019
Chelfham 00n9                             L&BR Devon, 1930s
Clarendon & Scrubbs Lane P4    London, 1908

Hartley Poole N                            Somerset, 1945-48
Hazelwood Jct. N                         Derbyshire, 1960s
Kings Park N                                London WCML, 1980
Kozel Cement H0                         Czechoslovakia, 2000s
Maristow 0                                   Devon, 1900
Marx Engels Platz N                    East Germany, 1990
Moormead Sidings G                  Isle of Sodor, always
Moorton Bottom Yard 00n9        Yorkshire, 1930s
Netherwood Sidings 0                S. Yorkshire, 1970s
Bricksville L (Lego)                       Legoland, always
TGB Metal Recyclers 0                South Wales, 1990s
Thomas Christmas Surprise 00  Isle of Sodor, always
Ulvaryd H0e                                 Sweden, 1950s
Upwell Drove 00                          East Anglia, 1950s
West Hill Wagon Works 00          Derbyshire, 1960-2000


19 layouts in total!

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No American?
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Andywp wrote:
No American?

Too busy hauling coal.....  to improve the future of the USA, according to the winning card.

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John Edge Allegheny1600
Andywp wrote:
No American?

Sorry! The Society does possess a US outline H0 layout but it cannot come out every year or it will rapidly become stale. Maybe next year?


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John Edge Allegheny1600
MMRS Exhibition 2019

Here is a selection of pictures of the layouts booked to appear at our forthcoming show;

Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD (c) S. Lindley

Clarendon & Scrubbs Lane (c) Chris Mitchell

Upwell Drove (c) A. Warren

TGB Metal Recyclers (c) P. Rolley

Netherrwood Sidings (c) G. Clark

Hazelwood Junction (c) W. Pugh

Kozel Cement (c) D. Paylor

Maristow (c) Tony Wright, BRM

Moormead Sidings (c) P. Dibben

Moorton Bottom Yard (c) S. Flint
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John Edge Allegheny1600
Here is the second part looking at various layouts that have been invited to our show;

Netherwood Sidings (c) G. Clark

Clarendon &a Scrubs Lane (c) David Brandreth

Axmouth (c) S. Saxby

West Hill Wagon Works (c) Chris Bower

Maristow (c) Tony Wright, BRM

Kings Park (c) Model Rail

Chelfham (c) B. Barnard

Hartley Poole (c) A. York, BRM

Ulvaryd (c) A. Burnham

Marx Engels Platz (c) Derek Shore

Again, please ignore anything not appropriate to this forum with the reminder that good modelling is good modelling whatever the scale.
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Nice photos John... A great incentive to attend.
Lots of inspiration in them too... thank you for posting them

I wonder....
You have been doing this show for a long time.

I noted you very helpfully added a time period for each layout.
Does anyone actually track the "modelling period mix" for exhibition layouts at an event? Do you plan the "period mix" or is it simply a matter of "quality and scale mix".

I ask as I think it would be quite interesting to see if there is any shift in the time period being modelled and presented as exhibition layouts over say the past ten years.

Such things are useful to know as the hobby evolves and the demographic changes.

regards, Ahjay
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John Edge Allegheny1600
Hello Ahjay,
Thanks for your comments!
To be honest, I don't really know if other people do track the "modelling period mix" at exhibitions - I can only say that I do!
As I have specific interests, i.e. H0 scale and worldwide, I need to know if a particular exhibition has enough of interest before making an investment of time and money to travel a fair distance to it. The usual 'big' shows like York, Warley etc are usually always worth a punt but if I set aside a whole day to go to (for example only) Glasgow or Bristol which would require train tickets bought in advance, I want to make sure that it's not going to be simply full of (say) British 00 in the steam/diesel transition - which is quite common but is of little interest to me!
The mix of layouts is chosen by Phil Sweet, our exhibition coordinator (he doesn't like to be called "manager"!) and I am sure that like other such folks, he chooses the mix to encompass as many era/periods as possible - given the limitations of what is actually available!
Although it is hard to say for sure, I would say there has been a gradual change over the past twenty or thirty years of the type of layouts available for exhibitions. To me, this has seen a move away from American and/or European prototypes being displayed and more BR Blue and BR steam/diesel transition era layouts being displayed.
Whether this is due to slightly better quality models now being available or because peoples minds have become more closed, I would not like to say!
I hope this answers your queries.
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John Edge Allegheny1600
Manchester Exhibition 2019

Here is a selection of my photos taken on the Saturday, not the best, I’m afraid as a lot of the layouts were very busy and hard to get close to. It seems the GMRC has had quite an effect as there certainly were lots of families in attendance.

Netherwood Sidings in 0 scale.

Clarendon & Scrubbs Lane

Marx Engels Platz

Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD

Upwell Drove and Elm Lane was a really pretty and very well presented dual layout (in two parts!), wonderful!

Moorton Bottom Yard

Having been corralled into operating on this layout (Great fun, thanks, Bob!), I am embarrassed that I only snapped these shots, D’oh!

The sole “American” representative as part of the MERG stand, demonstrating their own electronics and ‘application’ based control gear with a hands on demo.

This little Brawa lok ran beautifully!

Kozel Cement.

The MMRS own Hazelwood Junction

That’s all, folks!
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