I have some concern with the track voltage using the above mentioned setup controlled by a NCE CS02. The NMRA standard calls for 14V for OO/HO but with the Alpha Power providing 18V to the Alpha Box I assume I am getting higher than that on the track. Is this a problem or dangerous to decoders? Is there any adjustment on the Alpha Box?
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You will find a lot of debate regarding voltages Michael the 14 v you  mention is commonly banded about for oo/ho but in practice you can run at a higher voltage in fact the NMRA standard for decoders expects them to take 22 volts my 00 runs around 17volts.
 As there is no adjustment on the Alpha power unit you can add diodes in series past the output but wait for one of the DCC Concepts team to post how to do that with the Alpha units as there are different ways of doing it.

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Every single item we produce is very carefully designed and exceeds standards in every way. I have been involved in DCC from the inception of the standards!

Alpha Power's output is set to match the majority of systems out there to let them achieve their desired actual track voltage. You need do nothing other than connect it. The NCE Power Pro and CS02 have their own internal power management as do most systems.

regards, Ahjay
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Removed my question as realised it has zero to do with the topic. Apologies..
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