More advice needed
Where would the best places to put uncoupling magnets
I'm using laser couplers and mini earth magnets
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Most people tend to experiment with positions of magnets by placing them either on or between sleepers depending what type you are using that way they can find the most suitable position before going to the effort of fully installing and hiding them.

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It would rather depend on what you want to uncouple and why.  It may also need any curves taking into account, as many couplers prefer a straigh-tish run together.  Brian's comment about experimenting, would be really relevant there.

For example, on a shunting puzzle, sidings or similar, it would make sense to have the magnets fairly near to the points, uncouple there and push the uncoupled wagons back into the siding from there.  They do need to be far enough back from any points, so that they don't overlap the converging other route and any track curve noted too.

I have a plan for a small terminus and intend pulling coaches in with one loco and pulling them out with another loco from the other end.  For that, I intend to place a lifting magnet 11- 12 inches from the Buffers at the end.   As the loco coupling gets to the magnet, the coaches will be released and will remain so until another loco reverses onto the coaches and pulls them away.  Should I wish for a local service to pull in and push out, still connected, the magnet would not be raised.

If you want to use them for the run-round, then a magnet at either end might suit you.

Hope that may be of some assistance.
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