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8284 A classic VW HERBIE


The model has loads of correct details, but still screams model

no too much I could not bring myself o do it




now this is a Herbie wannabe BUT the not on all four wheels has that real Herbie feel 🙂

GTA4 HERBIE The Love Bug Driving ALONE - Volkswagen Beetle ...

So as I understand it this is an exact replica of the real Herbie, possibly even used in the films, so this with charisma, I assume over time the white has yellowed, much like the paint in ones front room 😃



Neither of these full-size cars are the correct colour, which should be 1964 VW Pearl White [not pearlescent].The model is the closest shade.
The dragster is photo-shopped.
There is no driver, the angle of the shadows is not correct nor is the shadow under the car. the front wheels should have drooped , no dragster would be set up with such a stiff front-end, weight transfer being essential to pull a ''wheelie''.
I'll put my anorak away now.
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