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I have started to install 12v led lights such as scale model scenery flickering bonfire. I’m sure I read that I can wire these to a decoder and turn them on and off via dcc. As an avid DCC Concepts user, I wondered which of the range would be best suited to this task. Thanks in advance. 


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john whiteside
Hi Andy.
You can use a decoder, by using the light function outputs, Red and Black are the feeds,Blue as common and join the white and yellow together plus a resistor.  you would have to set the address on the decoder then use the forward and reverse option for on and off, but you would have to have this setup as a loco address.
You would be better off using the Cobalt Relay Extension Board, and 1 or 2 AD1hp decoders,this would then give you either 1 or 2 digital switched volt free sets of contacts.
If you require any other information, on this or any product and its capability,please call the office
John Whiteside
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Ashbourne Junction Tonefan
Thanks John. Much appreciated.

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