I have been fitting the DCC Concepts loco lamps and am impressed by the flexibilty  of the the very fine wire used (as I am with the lamps themselves) and strength. Could you comment on the following for me though:
1. Is it recommended to cut down the length and if so how can the sheathing be removed to expose the wire?
2. If the above is practical is the wire available to purchase separately?
3. What rating is the wire- for instance would it be suitable for running from loco to tender for a stay alive unit or speaker. Or to run coach to coach to link led coach lighting?
Thoughts  & comments please
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Thank you
* By all means cut it to length. Remove the sheath either witn an aggressive solvent (acetone) or by scraping carefully. Alternately a hot soldering ironw with a ball of solder on it will also take off the enamel coating sometimes.
* Yes we have the fine enamel wire available from time to time. Its OS now, but more in a couple of weeks..
* No, its too light for the heavier currents you mention. Use our decoder wire for that. (It is also available as twin wire to keep it neat)

Kind regards, Ahjay
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Thanks for info Ahjay. Was never sure what the coating was! I already have a set of decoder wire from you thanks.
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