Things fail - that's life.
But when you have multiple failures, then it need to be looked at a little more closely.

A recent case had more than their fair share of ADS decoder faults - often resulting in one or more failed channels.

After a couple of phone calls and email exchanges, the customer kindly sent a few pictures of his installation
 wiring issue.jpg 

This one leapt out as being the root cause of the failures.

The wire has been stripped back too far, leaving bare conductors that can touch - not good if it's the output from the capacitor discharge circuit to the solenoid.......
The lower trio of wires are for frog power - again, not good on the DCC system if they short.

Also the wiring to the solenoid is on the small side - we're dealing with quite a high current pulse here and small conductor sizing will have a detrimental effect on the reliable operation of the solenoid motor.

32/0.2or similar is recommended for the solenoid connection (16/0.2 can be used for very short runs from the decoder) - it can be a little tricky to get that into the terminal block, but a tip to make it a tight twist is to partially strip the insulation, without pulling it off fully and then grip this to twist the conductor into a tight bundle.

ringstrip1.jpg  ringstrip2.jpg 
Then as you insert it into the terminal - "screw it in", maintaining the twist on the conductors. That should stop any stray strands getting away.

This method of "ring-stripping" also lends itself to any stripped multistrand conductor that has to be put into a terminal - including the likes of our Cobalt motor spring terminals.

We do find that most ADS decoder faults (and other products) can be traced back to bad wiring and connections and whilst we are all human and prone to make mistakes, it takes nothing more than a few seconds to check something as simple, yet important, as a wire into a terminal.
Thus saving a lot of head scratching, grief, emails, telephone calls and postage!

Happy DCC modelling.
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OMG I cringed when i seen that wiring  
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I did it once and believe you me once was enough, hey ho it’s good to be able to learn.
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I agree that it is a tight fit. I have ordered some small blade cable crimps to get over this problem. Will let you know how I get on
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