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Sorry been awol so long, and thanks to good old coronavirus i have not done much new work either, all my efforts have been outside with chickens, ducks, geese, goats, bees, and gardening. What does this have to do with modelling you ask? Well in Arboretum Valley there is any number of little cameos reflecting  what we get up to here.


chickens and building our own chicken arks in real life is not above us.

I really must do a repaint on the chickens to reflect real ones I own


behind the ducks geese and chickens are hives also represented here on the model


IMG_8947 (1).jpg  IMG_2597.jpg 

now you'll notice that the second bee keeper is running, etiquette claims running upsets bees waving hands upsets bees, however most beekeepers will admit to either personally having lost it or more likely seeing someone else having lost it and RUN!. I ran without a suit to get in my car fast once, with a suit on i have walked a way from the hives twice thinking, "How the hell did that bee get in my suit!" luckily both times the bees wa released with no harm, I on the other hand needed a sit down...you really need to check you zips are all shut properly!

I also over egged the dirt on the suits, and often the dirt has a weird yellow tinge. My fingers... or to be precise the marigolds i wear one my goat skin gloves as i have a phobia of bing stung - should have thought that out BEFORE spending a lot of money on bee keeping. Anyways I suit up 

one pair of gloves check, gloves for gloves cheack

boots zips done up tight, and re checked several times check check check check

snood to cover my ears, cap to stop helmet touch my face so bees can sting me check, hood zips all tight, check double check triple check, still not discover where the 2 bees got in! 

once suited up I will stand and take pretty much a lot of abuse from angry bees , and as for the swarm ours was in a tree i need to model a small cardboard box, one person under swarm other ht tree swarm is on and they fall in box, learn a lesson do nOT use a plastic box, bees don to like them and often fly back out again immediately! NOT something you want to try at home! But this year we have lost 2 queens to swarms, but recaptured one and popped it in a spare hive. The second swarm jumped out and hopped into another hive! Do not ask me why, or where the original queen disappeared to. Bee keeping is more bonkers than model railway any given day of the week :D.

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