• Wiring pickups for lamps on brake vans

    ​I want to use some pickups either the spring ones or the wiper ones to put a working lamp on my brake van my question is when it's wired up I...

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    Started by Gazza

  • bus wire to dropper wire

    I love the tip e-mails and the one about soldering dropper wires to track caught my eye. However I already follow that advice and so my dropper wires...

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    Started by Andrew Fryer

  • Power Districts and Bus Wires

    Question for anyone. I have a large loft layout which has been divided into power districts. One of the districts is an up and down mainline. My...

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    Started by John Ramsay

  • Wiring tips - ADS Solenoid decoders

    Things fail - that's life. But when you have multiple failures, then it need to be looked at a little more closely. A recent case had more than...

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    Started by m.bryan

  • Right Rail & Left Rail

    I was looking today at some DCC Concepts Manuals and noted that similarly to many other books and magazines, websites and the like, referring to the ...

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    Started by LGGVW

  • IDC connectors

    Is DCC concepts layout wire copper and suitable to use with 3m IDC connectors or does it matter if they are not. I am starting a large layout my...

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    Started by Pad-Ply-Pen

  • Crossover points using a mimic board

    Hi, I have 13 DCC Concepts IPD points wired into my layout. Each point is controlled by a single push button on my mimic board with LED’s linked to...

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    Started by CDRC1951